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Golf is still considered by the general public as a hobby of the elite and in the eyes of many people it is not necessarily the most exciting of all leisure activities. However, the traditional ball sport has found more and more fans, especially in recent years, and wider circles of the population have opened up to it.

Golf courses are easy to reach from any major city and in many rural areas, attempts are being made to create further incentives for sports enthusiasts with golf courses.

The triumph of golf around the world

The history of golf goes back to the 15th century. It was first mentioned in 1457 in an official decree of the Scottish Parliament. Unfortunately, this was a ban on the game, which was to be discontinued in favour of archery, which was more appropriate for military purposes.

Despite this, golf subsequently spread from Scotland to Great Britain and later to the whole world. Today it is one of the most widely practised sports on the globe, in an organised form.

Unlike some other disciplines, such as football, football or baseball, it is difficult to practise without a public or private course. For this reason, membership of a club or controlled access to the field in some other form is essential.

In addition to private pleasure, professional golf also flourishes with competitions around the world. Few other sports pay higher fees and prize money than here, and tournaments are held all over the world, more on

Golf betting as a fixed point in the bookmakers’ programme

No wonder that betting providers have long since discovered golf as an exciting opportunity for sports betting. The competitions of the US PGA Tour (Professional Golfers Association) and the European Tour are moving the masses here.

To this end, the bookies have come up with a wide range of different ante-post, long-term, live or special bets that are offered on the various tournaments and individual players.